Alienated from Mental HEALTH?


I consider myself a Mental Health Specialist. I Specialize in Mental HEALTH. I do not consider myself a Mental Illness expert. In my training as a nurse I marvelled that anyone could be healthy knowing all the diseases and conditions I learned about. I couldn’t believe so many healthy babies were born considering all the problems that a baby could have. There was a lot of learning about what ails man. Similarly, in Mental Health, we were inundated with descriptions of a multitude of emotional disorders and mental conditions… the signs and symptoms of an ever growing list of diagnoses. We didn’t learn much about Mental HEALTH.

About a year ago a friend told me that in the 1800’s the French used the term “alienist” for one who treated the mentally ill. This term came from “alienation in the sense of insanity, loss of mental faculty”(Collins English Dictionary) or in other words, our mental health.   It makes sense that if someone is alienated from their mental health, they would call upon The Alienist to help get connected with their mental well-being again.

Hence, get in touch with someone who knows a lot about Mental HEALTH when that is what you are searching for. What are the signs of mental health? If you Google it, you will only read about mental health disorders. This shows you just how alienated from mental HEALTH we have become!

“Originally, psychology examined the connection between mind and soul, until that theory was abandoned. When psychologists stopped investigating the connection between mind and soul, they lost two of the most important clues to what they sought. They focused instead on behavior leading us away from our true psychological nature, ultimately encouraging us as passive victims of life.”       Sydney Banks

Signs and Symptoms of Mental Health: gratitude, compassion, resiliency, strength, productivity, curiosity, creativity, grace, ease, calm… you get the idea?

What I know about Mental HEALTH:

Everyone is born with innate mental health – it’s built-in

Over time we learn to think unproductively & take thoughts seriously- obscuring  it

Lack of understanding about how Thought creates reality, keeps us alienated from it

~ Remember that a thought is like a cloud obscuring the sun that is still there ~

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  1. L.A. Miele says:

    That’s lovely Karen. I love the photo and your reference of clouds and thoughts. This is a very interesting idea about the alienists. I am very glad that we have someone like you who is educated and who has this understanding that mental health is innate. I wish more medical professionals had this understanding!

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