The Truth about Mental Health

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Mental Health is often thought of as mental illness. It doesn’t have a good rep. And yet, it is such a gift! And it is often forgotten or overlooked. How many times have you heard someone say Mental Health and immediately you think “uh oh” and avoid the topic. I had a friend who went to report to jury duty and when she began to say that she was a mental health clinician, the judge heard mental health and didn’t let her finish what she was saying and excused her from her jury duty without further delay. Mental Health certainly does not conjure up pleasant thoughts now, does it?

One day it will be the norm for schools to teach about innate Mental Health. It will be common place for folks to live in mental well-being. Imagine a world where there is more good will, more brotherly love, more understanding and compassion, more civility and respect, more helpfulness, more camaraderie and cooperation, more joy and appreciation, more success and accomplishment.

Mental Health exists in every human being at birth. Over time we learn habits of thinking that become the norm for us. We learn to worry or to judge. We learn to take our thoughts seriously. We believe what we think is real. We forget what it is like to live with a quiet mind and to have a sense of wonder. We get so busy that we miss the beauty around us. We aren’t often present even when we are with friends and family. We are rushed, overwhelmed, stressed, tired and aren’t happy. For many (one out of four) things get bad enough that there is a mental health diagnosis given.

What is a diagnosis? The DSMV is a thick manual listing the numerous mental illnesses that mankind suffers from. I see a diagnosis as a label of where someone spends a lot of time. For instance, people who know me would not consider me a shy person. However, I have to say that when I am shy, I am very shy. I just don’t spend much time there so I don’t get a label of being “shy”. Someone who is depressed spends enough time there to be diagnosed as depressed. Someone who is angry a lot, gets labelled an angry person. That is not who they are. It is only because they spend a lot of time in that state, that they get that connotation.

One of the most powerful feelings in helping others to regain their mental well-being, is to see the health that is inside of them, past the outside manifestation. To recognize their true identity and who they really are awakens them to consider something other than the diagnosis. When you speak  to that core of wisdom and acknowledge the health within, it opens the door for new perspective, for new thought and for transformation.

Let’s hope that celebrating Mental Health becomes the norm and that Mental Health gets the appreciation it deserves! It’s about time that the understanding of the Three Principles is found everywhere… in schools and universities, and that it is common knowledge for people around the world to be aware of their birth right. With the understanding of the fact that we create our identity from the inside out, much suffering can be eliminated. Afterall, the outside is but a reflection of what we think.

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Truth about Mental Health: Karen Miller Williams, 3 Principles Nurse (Social Anxiety Inside Out #28)

— Nurse Karen (@HAOKEA) May 21, 2014


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12 Responses to The Truth about Mental Health

  1. Heartfelt Gratitude for Being such a wonderful contribution in this world. I’ve spend years, in the Dragon’s Lair, 1/2 century actually…

    On the fearful side of ‘Mental Health.’ It was used as threatening leverage at times & simply manifested from a perpetual fatality mind-set via of violent, depressive & schizophrenic outburst in my family as I grew up terrified with what was to be my fated course.

    By the time I reached my 30th birthday, those decades in the Dragon’s Lair, had become such entrenched habits of thoughts/being that I was bedridden, with a diagnosis of ‘Severe Disassociation Disorder & Multiple Personalities’ ; with the unfortunate prognosis that I would never get better & the best I could aspire to was to understand why I was so messed up.

    While this looks, and was rather dreadful, I shared this in testimony of how powerful remember the truth of who we are, and understanding how we experience life can be.

    For within less than 2yrs, my medical diagnosis was amended to Anxiety Disorder, by my now retired Psychiatrist, so as to give my body time to reCreate health. Perhaps as my Doc also wrote, due to age & circumstances, I might not ever be apt to ‘work outside in a regular job…’ I AM, however, experiencing wellbeing, or the habit of equanimity/serenity, amid most of Life’s BID (Blessings In Diguise) And, if not, I trust that I can remember that within myself I can, with the next thought, and perhaps a little quiet & rest, live from a peacefully grateful state…

  2. Leonie says:

    I heard you talk on the social anxiety hangout. And really loved your perspective.

  3. Sue says:

    I watched your video and loved it!!! I really need to focus on my own ability to move out of depression seamlessly, to recognize my own good feelings. It’s like watering a garden. Mine was a little wilted from my habitual focus on what is “wrong” with my life, not all the times when my life is very full of wonder, and enjoyment.

  4. Clytee says:

    Thank you so much for the Google Hangout talk on mental health. Great fun hearing you talk about the early days. You look fantastic …growing more beautiful with every year. How DO you do that!? And I am enjoying the feeling of your interview…..really great!!

  5. David says:

    Just a quick message to say thanks for the wonderful Google hangout you did recently with Steve Light. I love the way you talk about the Principles in such a simple, easy to understand and helpful fashion. I am going to the Tikun conference over the next three days, perhaps see you there.

  6. Carol says:

    I have watched every Google hangout Steve has done, and I can honestly say yours was amazing!! You conveyed so much joy and light (and isn’t that what it’s all about?) I loved your examples, especially the one about thoughts going up and down a continuum. This is one I will watch over and over! Steve is very thoughtful and takes his time, but you were so at ease with the pace of it. You rocked it out girl!!! Have you ever thought of doing some type of radio or Google hangout of your own? You have such a gift for it and there is just not enough out there. Thanks so much for sending me the video. Again it was a joy to watch!

  7. JL says:

    We thoroughly enjoyed your interview!! You expressed the Principles so well, and you looked GREAT!! I loved the messages and know you will get fabulous feedback.

  8. Scott says:

    You did such a wonderful job on this interview! Again very good presentation.

  9. Loa says:

    You looked so relaxed for the taping, while sharing such wise insights……well done! I discovered the book when I googled Sydney Banks……sounds a little along the lines of “The Wealthy Barber” for investors, but this one is about investing in Mental Health (much more valuable a commodity!!) …Thanks Karen! Just finished listening to your entire taping…really enjoyed it….You speak so well! When did you tape it? Sounds quite recent! Your interview was a perfect way to pay tribute to Mental Health Week!

  10. Jonnelle says:

    I got a chance to watch the recording of your Google Hangout yesterday, and I looooooooooooved it! So nice to see some new and fresh perspectives/examples for explaining the Principles. I loved the way you explained individuals not being able to see their well being just because of the habit of negative thought, and “just spending more time at the lower level of consciousness”. You had so many lovely and impactful ways of sharing your story, and the stories of others.

  11. Luke says:

    I liked your new blog and website. Very nice.

  12. Carol says:

    I really like your web site! It’s warm and inviting. Since we saw you I have been really exploring the 3p’s. I have read a few books and have been watching a lot of the videos on the web site. I have to say I am having a lot of subtle insights and have seen some positive changes as a result.

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