What’s a 3P Nurse?


My first blog has to be about what I am most passionate about. I love nursing… always have and always will. I’ve worked in many settings. I was an intensive care nurse when I was first exposed to what is now called The Three Principles.

I didn’t understand a thing but I was drawn to the feeling shared by the Psychologists who brought it to the hospital where I worked. There were no books, no form as of yet. It took awhile before The Three Principles became truly understood. Over the years this understanding has gone by names such as “Psychology of Mind” and “Health Realization”.

None of this matters anymore. We have evolved to so much more simplicity and clarity today. Simplicity is what initially drew my attention. I like it easy… simple… and it makes sense! I was pretty blessed to have a fair bit of common sense in my life and so this didn’t take much of a sell for me.

Next it made sense to learn more about this remarkable discovery so I enrolled for the first internship at The Advanced Human Studies Institute and studied under Dr. Roger Mills. My parents thought I was nuts but I was “drawn inexplicably” as Syd wrote of in Second Chance, to a feeling.

And once again, I followed a feeling. This feeling was that I should go into Psychiatric Nursing as I knew I had to share what I had learned. Feeling has guided me on many adventures in my career working with many wonderful and diverse groups. Because this understanding is so universal,  it applies to all ages, diagnoses, and cultures. It is “The Ultimate Answer“. (DVD)

Wikipedia defines Nursing as a profession within the health care sector focused on the care of individuals, families, and communities so they may attain, maintain, or recover optimal health and quality of life.

Therefore, a 3P nurse is one who is equipped with the understanding of The Three Principles, the key to all human experience and behavior.  A nurse who can share this understanding to help maintain or recover optimal MENTAL HEALTH and improve quality of life. Imagine if all nurses could share this with their patients and families. What a gift it is to help people find their innate well-being!

“As soon as you find out how the mind works,that’s the first major step toward happiness.” Sydney Banks


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3 Responses to What’s a 3P Nurse?

  1. Darlene Needleman says:

    I was blown away by your website!!
    I love it… I love it… I love it!!
    You truly inspire me!! Thank you, dear Karen!!!!!

  2. Christine Prekopa says:

    Really love love love your website – it’s so awesome! Can’t wait for you to start getting tons of emails, clients and referrals!

  3. Clytee Mills says:

    I love this website so much! And am given so many ideas from your website form which will be very helpful as I set up my own website. Thank you for your inspiration. You are already helping a nurse!!!

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